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"Very talkative but a nice person"



by 3 Jurors

Raph has way too many alters and spams way too much. The evil version of Cryndigo.

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A biased subjury that doesn't appear on the normal subjury list. The only way people saw this was when EhFahQ posted a journal about it.

img Jesse "Burgerm'n" Radin posted a review

At least she's a human, I suppose. She's this weird annoying girl who pretends to be different characters online to learn how to "write" or something. I have a personal vendetta against her because she always brings up my family in arguments on YT. While others like BendfaFuck/UberDoucher have mentioned my mom being on YT, Raph does it with mean intentions rather than just teasing like Ben did.

She's an ugly cunt and she can't write worth shit. I said that once in 2010 and I stand by it. She's also the one who encouraged Aran to troll YT by linking to the site on an IRC channel somewhere. The fact that people are friends with her really sucks because she is the sort of person who genuinely doesn't deserve friends.

Maybe she can redeem herself someday, but for now I can't stand her. She's super bipolar too. She blocks me from AIM in a fit of rage and then weeks later spams me about WoW forgetting she blocked me. Avoid her if you talk to her... you can do better, people!

on January 13, 2016
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Very talkative but a nice person
Book rating: 15 out of 100 with 3 ratings